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Hуbrid Accounting Inc. helps buѕinеѕѕ оwnеrѕ just like you fоrm соrроrаtiоnѕ in Florida. Our competitive рriсing inсludеѕ all ѕtаtе fееѕ and оthеr charges so уоu will have nо surprises lаtеr. We spend the time to make sure you form the right type of company for your business.

Incorporation & Limited Liability Company Setup Services

       If you want to take full advantage of the tax benefits, be sure you comply with Florida and IRS regulations, AND learn the inside secrets on how to best setup your company, you need professional help. Incorporation is more than just filling out paperwork. Our full service, complete one flat fee package covers it all for $595 (includes State filing fee):

One hour consultation which covers:

- Counseling on how to maintain your corporate of LLC entity, in order, to satisfy the IRS,

- Discussion on who & how many should serve as officers or members,

- Recommendations on record keeping and small business assistance,

- Explanation of Sub Chapter S, C Corporations, LLC (Limited Liability Companies) and which fits your situation best,

- Good, common sense information, about having co-owners, how to get started, and what to do next,

and other general issues; PLUS

A complete incorporation or LLC setup package in which we perform all of the following:

- Verify the availability of your chosen legal business name,

- Instantly file your incorporation documents through direct line access with the Secretary of State,

- Monitor the timeliness of their response, and

- Obtain a Federal Identification Number for your new Corporation or LLC,

- Provide your corporate or LLC book which includes your seal, by-laws, and stock or member certificates,   PLUS

- Completed Form 2553 to apply for Sub Chapter S status with the IRS.

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For current fee information, call (844) 966-​5829.

   We provide incorporating assistance for Florida corporations only. If you need a nationally registered trademark or service mark or need to register in other states, we recommend you consult with your lawyer.

Uncertain about Incorporating?

   If you are uncertain whether incorporation or setting up an LLC is the right answer for you, schedule an appointment or teleconference to discuss this in more detail with us before we begin the incorporation process. Incorporation is a complex issue and the right answer is highly individualized. Our consultation fee is $95.00 per half hour. In our experience, it usually takes approximately one hour to effectively discuss the questions that arise; however, the amount of time we spend together is at your discretion.